Americans Can’t Go to Europe, So Which Countries Can You Travel To?

A guide for those looking to get out.

Disclaimer: This is meant to be a general overview of how countries are reopening their borders for Americans. Rules differ for other passport holders. Information can and will change quickly, and new requirements (including some that must be completed in advance of travel) may be introduced without notice. Please refer to each country’s website for specifics. We’re all dreaming of getting away again. We want to eat Thai street food from a cart in a Bangkok soi, admire South Africa’s wildlife and the sites commemorating Nelson Mandela’s fight for democracy and human rights, or just lounge on a Caribbean beach and forget all the stresses of COVID-19. Even though we want to do these things, the question remains: Yes, you CAN travel, but SHOULD you travel? When figuring out where and when to go, it’s essential to take not only your own safety into consideration but the safety of others, as we outline in Will it be safe to travel when this is all over? Will we even know? Regardless, Americans need to follow the advice of the State Department and CDC, which still advise against all international travel and outlines considerations for travel within the United States. Information changes frequently, especially as some destinations are basing their rules on reciprocity with other countries. If the U.S. lifts restrictions on travelers from these countries, expect to see changes. Note that some countries are restricting entry on the basis of the passport you carry and others are basing it upon where you’re traveling from, so check governmental information carefully. We outline below the countries that have already opened to U.S. travelers as well as the countries which announced dates for reopening their borders to Americans, listed alphabetically.

4 Things We (Still) Dont Know About the Ocean

The ocean holds many mysteries.

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